Living In Greenwich


Living in Greenwich, London

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is situated in the south east of London. It is popularly known as the location in which the prime meridian is traditionally situated (GMT). The prime meridian serves as a point of reference in which all Coordinated Universal Time is situated.

Greenwich borough is a beautiful place to live and is great for families and people working in central and Greater London. It is coupled with a number of attractions which range from Greenwich Park, National Maritime Museum to the Cutty Sark.  In the past, the best areas to live in Greenwich have been the areas in close vicinity to Greenwich Park.  However, there has been a major degree of gentrification taking place since the late 90s including new high quality developments which has changed and continues to improve the area.  Notably the change has encouraged many high quality brands to move into the area including more recently, Waitrose which is due to open in 2013 at New Capital Quay between Greenwich and Deptford.

Residential Homes
Houses in Greenwich and Blackheath have traditionally been more affordable by comparison to other areas of London, however the new regeneration of the area has meant a rise in property values.  This has also been increased due to Greenwich becoming a Royal Borough and the focus it received during the London 2012 Olympics.   Central Greenwich is characterized by largish Victorian houses with very few of them being converted to self-contained flats.  In recent years many new developments have come up in the form of ‘purpose built flats.’   As Greenwich is family friendly, it has attracted an increasing number of families wanting to live in and around the area.

If you are looking for recreation, there are a number of attractions that you can visit.  Greenwich Park is a Royal Park that rests on 180 acres, of phenomenal green space.  The park is characterized by rolling slopes, lots of trees, tennis courts, Royal Observatory and more. The park also serves as a national centre that is used in researching ideologies based on the field of astronomy. There is also the Rangers House which serves as the mansion home and English Heritage of the Werner Collection.

Most of the major brand supermarkets have express or local versions of their shops in the central area of Greenwich including Marks & Spencers, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s.  If you’re looking for larger supermarkets Tesco has a store in Lewisham and Sainsbury’s in Charlton.   Waitrose is also opening nearby in 2013.


The town centre is full of a mix of shops from small boutiques and craft style shops to more known brands.  The market at Greenwich provides a vibrant atmosphere which is committed to showcasing various products from all over the world.   It is rated as one of the best markets in London.
The market normally hosts a number of original artworks ranging from fashion, handmade jewels, fresh produce to various cuisines of Greenwich.   The market opens from Tuesday till Sunday. Opening hours are from 10 to 5:30 in the evening.

Food & Drink
There is a wide selection of choices for restaurants, pubs and cafés in Greenwich as well as nearby Blackheath.  Whether you’re looking for a chain or something more independent there is plenty to choose from.  Down by the Cutty Sark you will find a selection of the more common high street chains such as Nando’s and Byron while Bianco 43 Pizzeria, Helva, The Hill, The Old Brewery are more unique to Greenwich.  Whether you are looking for Pizza, Mexican, Fish & Chips, a Pad Thai, Sushi, a Sunday Roast or just a coffee you’ll find a variety of restaurants and market stalls catering to all tastes.

Greenwich is also a great place to find traditional and Gastro pubs.  Most of them serve a selection of drinks from around the world including local brews from Greenwich’s Meantime brewers.

Recreation & Entertainment

For those who are looking for entertainment and fun, there are a number of things to do in Greenwich. These range from dance, cinema, arts and theatre venues to museums, park strolls and tennis.  Greenwich has certain limitations on loud music late at night so if you’re looking for clubs and late night bars you will need to venture towards Woolwich and the 02.  However there are lots of great pubs with great food that are usually open 7 days a week until 11 and mid night.   With all the things to do and the park, Greenwich is a great place to live or just spend the day.

The Greenwich area is populated by families, young professionals and commuters.  Living in Greenwich is an experience that can be compared to living in any other areas around central London such as Richmond or Hampstead, although what many don’t know is that Greenwich is closer to central London than many of these areas – only a short 2 stops to London Bridge.

Greenwich has two major stations; Cutty Sark and Greenwich, with Maze Hill nearby on the east and Deptford DLR and mainline station on the West.   You can catch a train from Greenwich to Cannon Street or Charing Cross. You can also get the Docklands Light Railway from both Cutty Sark and Greenwich stations. The Docklands Light railway goes south via Lewisham, north to Canary Wharf, East to Docklands / City Airport and West to Bank and Tower Hill.

Greenwich is a nice place to live and great for families although as a popular tourist attraction and more people moving to the area due to regeneration it’s becoming more expensive.  Fortunately there are pockets where locals in the know can find good places to live and enjoy as well as experience some of the tourist buzz.